Traditional Tattie Soup

Traditional Tattie Soup


  • Six large chopped tatties
  • One small chopped suede
  • Two large chopped carrots
  • One finely chopped leek
  • One large finely chopped onion
  • Three pints beef stock
  • 75g butter
  • salt and pepper to season
  • If desired fresh parsley to garnish


A bowl o’ hearty tattie soup, the perfect winter dish.
On a freezing winter’s day, it’s every Scotsman’s wish.
If ye have got, a big soup pot we’ll make enough for four.
Some extra too, for the big queue who’ll be asking ye for more!
Wi’ the hob on low, we’re good to go, let the butter sizzle.
Add in the chopped onions but dinnae burn them to a frizzle!
Toss in all the other veg and pop a lid on top.
Saute for ten minutes until they’re slightly soft.
Pour in the stock and season – then turn the hob to high.
Simmer gently for an hour and dinnae let it boil dry!
Serve your soup wi’ crusty bread – warmth from the inside out.
The ideal lunch on a winter’s day – there isn’t any doubt!


This soup tastes even better on the second day - if there is any left! Refridgerate and warm up as required.


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  1. Posted by lakesha

    Thank you for recipe, but why have you put a photo of yourself and not of the recipe, would make more sense!

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35 minutes

Cooking time

90 minutes